Platform Edit

  • Platform: The internet location hosting the game. Also: Server, Site, Website.  This is where you play Cloudstone if someone asks, and it can be important especially when looking for Allies or Guilds. Cloudstone is hosted on Facebook, Kongregate, and Armor Games. [Things like Chrome, laptop, Illinois, or my girlfriend's house are not valid answers.] If you happen to play CS using a phone app, that would be Facebook.
  1. The only place the platforms cross is in the chat, including the Tavern (The Flying Pig). You will never add ally across platforms, or compete in PVP or Rift against players and guilds on other platforms.

Allies - Friends Edit

  • Friends, Allies: See the FAQ for your platform. FB / Kong / AG  Adding allies does not work on FB and AG.

Guilds Edit

  • Guilds: See the FAQ for your platform. FB / Kong / AG But a couple of tips:
  1. Guilds are better mid- to endgame content. Don't worry about finding a guild at level 7 or 20. You may or may not, but guilds that take low levels are mostly no benefit to anyone unless everyone sticks with the guild and grows together. You'll find a better guild (you'll even be asked) around level 35, especially if you expand and maintain your home, and play consistently.
  2. Guilds have 2 functions: Perks which are minor enhancements, and the Guild Challenge Arcane Rift where you PVE for points for your guild in effort to win prizes at the end of the 2 week season. For both of theses things, it helps to get your leveling and home expansion well underway before joining a guild.
  3. FB and Kong guilds are a little more flexible with 50 members max. AG has 15 max, so even more you want to get things like PVP out of your system for a while before joining a guild.
  4. Don't get impatient when asking for a guild, there is no rush, and no point getting an attitude with people you want something from. If you are given a guild to apply for, wait for the GL to accept you - there is no point in bothering every member of that guild about it. There is also little point in asking another person for a different guild instead of waiting on the guild you applied to first. Give it at least 24 hours to be accepted.
  5. Again, when you do ask for a guild (or recruit for one) in the in-game chat or Tavern, state what platform you are on.
  6. Once you are accepted into a guild, it's best to go check out the guild by clicking the same button you used to apply. This is now the doorway to your guild.
  7. Don't be surprised if you get kicked from a guild for inactivity or not meeting rifting, donation, or other requirements. If you communicate with your guild and guild leader, they can understand and make allowances. Plus you'll have a stronger guild for it.

CV (Character Viewer) Edit

  • You may want to look at it, or someone may ask to see it to help you with suggestions, or because they are curious, or want to "like" it, or because you are asking to join their guild.
  1. Access this by visiting the main (starting) screen. There is a little chain icon below your character. Click this and it a) opens a new tab to your CV, and b) automatically copies the URL to your clipboard. Just paste it directly into chat or wherever, no need to switch tabs and manually copy from the address bar.
  2. Tip: Bookmark it. Why exit to your main screen every time you need it? Same goes for the CVs of your friends from whom you have asked for their CV more than once already. :)

Tavern (Chat) Edit

  • Tavern (The Flying Pig) and other Chat: Again, this is where platforms cross, and the only place they do.
  1. People in the tavern speak many different languages. Don't get upset or insulting because no one else there speaks your language at the moment. Some languages are more common than others, some are far less common.
  2. You won't necessarily see what others may see in the tavern. Where a character stands and its orientation may appear differently to other players. Pets do not always load - you'll see your own, but not necessarily anyone else's. You will not see your own name or guild emblem over your head. No one can see all the actions you perform - you may appear to move or teleport around, and no one can see you attack the crate in the corner. no one can help you break the crate, either, as everyone sees their own instance. This is one reason it is pointless and annoying to ask people to follow you.
  3. You see a .2 or .2.3 or similar after your name or another's: This is for distinguishing between players with the same name, randomly assigned. But you can easily get this by reloading the game without leaving the tavern first and waiting a few seconds. Other times it "just happens". It means nothing, no worries.
  4. Broken guild chat: This is sometimes, but not always, caused by a guild name with more than two words in it. No known fix.
  5. Some people disconnect from chat a lot, or can't get in from the start. This usually has something to do with one's connection quality, but again, no specific fix is known.
  6. Joining chat from the chat icon: By default this will drop you in a Global chat or your Guild Chat. The chat window has 2 tabs, so you can manually select (or create) a chat room in the second tab by clicking the little chat balloon icon next to it, and selecting the chat from the list or typing a new chat name you create or one given to you from a friend. This will be added permanently to the list.
  7. Other chat functions are available to be seen by typing /help in the chat text entry box, just like it tells you when you open a chat. These include muting other players and quitting or rejoining the room, as well as seeing who is in the room.
  8. Don't ask other players to fight in chat or tavern, as this is pointless. PVP doesn't work that way.
  9. Copy/Paste in chat:  You can drag the mouse over something you want to copy (like a CV), but it highlights black-on-transparent black, so it is hard to see. Watch when you paste into the browser address bar, you may have grabbed extra characters, including leading or trailing spaces, which rather tend to break a URL. If right-clicking to copy/paste is laggy or doesn't work well in Flash for you, use keyboard shortcuts ctrl+c and ctrl+v.
  10. The chat filter: Because certain English (and slang, idiotically spelt or not) words, plus some mysterious ones, are banned, your entire post will disappear if any one of these words is contained within a word you use. You want to break these words up with a space or a dot or underscore or something. Further, due the the horrifically bad filter, one word will hang the game (and possibly your entire OS) badly for some time. This word is: Find. Don't type find! Examples for words that delete your post include: Bird, shoes ("hoe"), Saturday ("turd"), pass ("ass"), competition ("tit"), flipping, jap, scrap (crap) - and, if you happen to have a CV URL with something like fa9 in it. For URLs you can try a URL shortener (probably good for any AG CV anyway as they are insanely long) and hope it doesn't create a string with a banned letter combination in it. This is a long-known problem and will likely never be corrected.
  11. Repeti.tion: There's no reason to keep saying someone's name (or anything else) in quick succession as if they just didn't hear you. The words stay on the screen until they scroll off. This is visual, not auditory. Related is...
  12. Saying "what" when you aren't really paying attention. Scroll up and read. Other people don't need to repeat themselves either. Same goes with asking for often-used links. Bookmark them instead of asking all the time.

Pets Edit

  • Pets: They don't fight, or level up, and you can't "capture a wild animal and train it". You can acquire different pets in a variety of ways, including: From the Shop, from Contracts, from final Gauntlet rewards, from drops, random PVP rewards, Rift crates, randomly from some of the Supply Crates in the Shop (or from the Mega Bundle), and the Mega Bundle itself. A few pets add to one or two of your Stats when equipped. Currently these are from the first place and legendary rift crates. See the link for a full table of pets, click through to see where the pet can be sought.

I want (x)! Edit

(AKA, "What is (x) for?"

How do I trade? Give me something.Edit

  1.  You don't, and we can't.
  2. You can sell unused Equipment or Supplies for gold directly from your inventory. You can buy some equipment or items from the Shop. It is better to farm for some things, though. Using the below linked references from the main wiki can help you decide which method is better at a given level for certain things. It will also tell you where to get them.
  • Tip: To sort tables, like the Equipment tables, click the up/down arrows in the column heading. To further sort by another criterion, shift+click the arrows in another column. E.g., click to sort by type, then shift+click to sort by level.


Rubies: They aren't so common you should waste them (like on a ruby pet or mask when you first start the game), but they aren't so hard to get, either, if you continue to play, or buy them. (Buying rubies supports the very existence of the game!)  But if you aren't a cash player, don't waste rubies on low-level equipment, frivolous items, or potions.

  1. AG and FB players cannot earn the few rubies from the early Contracts of adding allies, since this function is unavailable. Kong players can.
  2. AG players cannot earn rubies (or site currency with which to buy them) from Offers, as this option does not exist. [This may or may not be broken on FB.]


  • Gold Use the link to see where you get it and farming suggestions.


  • Equipment: Things you wear, wield, or walk. Sort the lists and see what is available at or near your level, for your class type. Visit the pages and see where the equipment you are interested in can be had. Note that a lot of the Contract and Gauntlet reward equipment is easily out-leveled on the first 3 islands any may not be worth pursuing except for fun.
  • Note: It's a lot easier if you sort wikitables. Click the Type (class) column first (note that this is a dual sort, and not every Type will come to the top of the list, just scroll down) -- then shift+click Level Rq. You can, e.g., continue and shift+click the Hand column on the Weapons table as well.

Then you can click through and see where equipment of interest might be sought.


  • Supplies:  If it isn't equipment, it's a supply item, found in the Supplies section of Inventory. Click the items that interest you to see where you can farm them.
  1. Contract Supplies (Crafting Items): Inventory getting too full? Make sure you are saving only the supplies for Contracts you actually want to do now. See what contracts any given item is used for and decide whether you want to save them. Some items are very rare and worth saving even if the only good contract requiring them is far above your level (like Cursed Ice Shards). You may want to also avoid saving easily obtained crafting items for something you might want only for entertainment value until you have upgraded your Inventory suitably.
  2. Other Supplies (Consumables, Skills & Artifacts, Crates, etc.): Consumable potions and weapons, as well as limited time shop skills, and PVP or Contracts artifacts are equipped on the Skill bar if you want to use them. PVP, Rift, and Supply Crates from the Shop are opened in Inventory. Shop Caches (the ones that may contain the Shop Skill Artifacts) are opened on purchase and the contents displayed and added to your Inventory. Note that season reward crates from PVP and Rift may not appear immediately upon your first visit to Inventory after the season. Reopen Inventory or reload the game to refresh.
  3. Health Potion (Potion of Healing): This gets an own mention because players ask constantly.  Short answer: Forget it, it isn't as common. Don't buy it. Farm for Jelly Juice instead.

I want to restart my game Edit

There is no way to delete or reset an existing character to start over. You have 2 options:

  1.  Reset your skill points. To respec you need a Potion of Amnesia in your inventory. (You start with 1, don't sell it. Also available in the shop for 2 rubies. The Mega Bundle contains, among other things, 3 of these.) Go to your Skills and click the Re-Spec button. Place your skill points where you want them. Click ✗ to cancel and start over, or ✓ to save.
  2. Create a new account on your platform, or another platform, and start a new game. Follow the site rules for multiple/alt accounts.

I want to move my character to another platform Edit

Not happening.

PVP Global Scores Edit

Besides placing first in your league, another way to win a first place crate from PVP is to place in the top 15 globally on your platform (G15). The top 100 are shown at the URL for Global. Again, if you like to refer to these, why not bookmark them?

Note: Sometimes you have to use the URL for a particular season, then select the season you want at the top of the page. Sometimes this seems to change, sometimes it seems to depend whether you were logged into the game on that server.

  • Facebook
  • Kongregate
  • Armor Games

Save Game Edit

The game is saved server-side. The game automatically saves approximately every 15 seconds, so don't quit immediately after you have just done something important.

Black Magic Edit

This is when the game has disconnected from the server, at least for a long enough period of time that the game couldn't save once or twice. If it happens to you a lot, this can be due to your computer, wired or wireless connections to your router or ISP, the router itself, or your ISP. Possibly even the way your traffic is routed over the internet. Sometimes one of the servers has trouble, or its network. It may be obvious if other parts of the site are down or have issues, other times it's just CS.

  • Not loading at all: This can be due to the same problems as above, or settings in your AV, firewall, browser, Flash client, or other security/network programs or browser extensions.  You'll need to understand your system and applications if this is the case. But one can always try flushing the browser cache and cookies, and the Flash storage for CS. Make sure your Flash player is up to date if you don't let it auto-update.

Lag Edit

This is not usually a network problem, or you'd be getting Black Magic. It is mostly due to Flash leaking memory, and it seems worse in CS than a lot of other games. If you have run several zones, or stayed in the tavern long, and especially if you use other Flash games or apps at the same time (like YouTube), you may get lag, depending on your system.

If simply reloading the game does not help, you may want to close all tabs with Flash, or the browser itself, and wait long enough for the Flash plugin to die. Or open your task manager and kill the process. Then reload the game or re-open your browser.

Playsaurus Forum Edit

The official forum of Cloudstone (and Clicker Heroes). Here you can search for tips and strategies, discuss the game, and ask for help. For direct intervention from the devs for a game problem (GL transfer, reporting suspected cheats or bugs - with evidence, bought or sold something expensive in error) you need to PM one of the devs [doogog, Newcarsmell]  with a description of the issue, and the CV links for yourself or the relevant parties. You need to be registered at the forum to do this. If your registration is rejected in error because the forum software thinks you are a spambot, you need to email you issue to admin at playsaurus dot com.