Kong FAQ: Tips and Answers to Massively Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Allies - Friends Edit

  • Allies/Friends: Do not use the in-game interface for adding allies. You add as you would normally add any Kong friend. On the game page, you can add friends from the Kong sidebar chat (open the Chat tab if the Game Description tab is on top). Click on a name in the chat itself, or in the user list above it, and add friend. You can also open the Achievements tab and click on the View Highscores link to find other players in these lists.
  1. Tips: Add one friend at a time, or you will have multiple allies in your list displaying with the same name. After adding, you may want to wait a few minutes, then reload the page in order to see your new ally.
  2. One can not summon an ally greater than 5 levels above one's level, with a maximum of 5 summons per zone.

Guilds Edit

  • Guilds: Guilds are better as mid-to-endgame activity, but many want to find a guild early on.
  1. Mechanically, one applies for a guild by clicking the Guild button on the main (starting) game screen. You may flip through the list (random) or search a guild name in the text box. Enter the guild name exactly, it is CaSe SeNSiTiVe, and search does not provide close matches. You may apply to one guild at a time, applying to another voids a previous application. Pay attention to the response text below the request sent dialog box.. If the guild has openings, it will say "You are waiting for (guild)", and this will continue to appear until you are accepted or denied. If the guild is full, a request fails and it will say "Guild is full! Please choose another one."
  2. Wait. You have to wait for the guild leader to find your application of otherwise contact you in return. They don't stare at the guild request screen 24 hours a day. ^.^
  3. Looking for a guild: It is best to check in K-chat or K-forums when seeking a guild. In the forum make sure to use existing looking/recruiting threads. The better your level, home production, equipment, skill tree, and dedication/playing time, the better your chances are to get into and stay in a good, active guild.
  4. Asking for a guild in the Tavern (Flying Pig) or other in-game chat: Always state which platform you are on (Kong, Kongregate), and ask the same of anyone offering a guild. This will save you time and frustration. There are even guilds with the same name on the different platforms, so don't take a familiar guild name as indicating you are both on the same server. Note again that Kong players will have better luck in Kong chat or forums. There just aren't as many Kong visitors in the tavern since they have a lovely chat built right in next to the game.